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Biospectra is your productive networking site where you can...

  • Journal your medical vitals such as temperature
  • Journal and graph babies feeding, pooping, growth, and other vital info nurturing parents need
  • Keep in touch with friends through alumni, clubs, HOA, etc.
  • Classifieds that are more like a store front; post and manage.
  • Proxy a profile for your child, dog, cat, fish, etc. so that they have their own bio site
  • Catalog your collections of Baseball cards, Olympic pins, films, and more!

Biospectra is designed for privacy rather than publicizing private lives

  • 2-party confirmation to join each other's "clique";
  • You may assign clique members co-ownership of alumni, profile proxy, medical journals...
  • You may restrict viewing of each individual alumni, profile proxy, medical journals...
    from everyone on the Internet, Biospectra members, members of the alumni, etc, down to only Owners

Biospectra is a BETA site

  • Although Biospectra is nearly 25 years in the making... Only now has it been complete enough to be used by the general Internet
  • Please report bugs or suggestions using the footer link (available when logged in)
  • Enjoy
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